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Shipment calculation

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1.     1. Air Shipment 

·         Shipping charges based on weight calculation.

·         Actual weight or volumetric, whichever is higher.

Ø  The actual weight refers to the actual weight of the parcel (not product weight)

Ø  Volumetric weightParcel outer dimension [(W x H x L cm) / 1,000,000]× 167 = xxx KG

Ø  Weight calculation rounded to min. 1KGe.g.If the goods weight 1.2kg, we will charge the price for 2kg as the air freight fee

·         Shipping fees is calculated based on each parcel airway bill.

·         If it exceeds the standard size and weight, additional charges will apply.


2.     2. Sea Shipment

·         Cubic calculation method

Ø  Cubic calculation (M3)commodity/ goods' outer box size (long cm x height cm x wide cm ÷ 1000000 = cubic M3)

·         The minimum unit for billing is 0.01 cubic meters (i.e. 0.133 cubic meters is charged at 0.14 cubic meters).

·         Overweight billing method will be used if 1 cubic meter exceeds 800kg. Please refer to the price list for the Shipping Calculation method.