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Submit EPO Terms and Conditions

Friendly Reminder – Disclaimer

Before submitting the EPO order, please check the product information you filled in again and again, and confirm with AsiaJY whether the product is classified as a category for inspection of prohibited products and inspections. All product information that the user has filled in is the final data. If the data and actual conditions are found to be incompatible, abnormal events may occur, such as: the goods are sensitive goods, leading to customs detentions and fines, sensitive channel fees and additional processing fees, the user must bear all responsibilities.


Things to note before submitting an order:

1)  Packaging Requirements:

                      I.        Foreign trade box + packing belt: If the goods are clothes, socks, towels and other textiles; shoe products, jewellery and those that will easily cause damage to the carton, the packaging should be carton + fibre bag (the bag mouth is sewn with needles and threads).


                     II.        Liquids, fragile items, and valuables must be packed in wooden racks, otherwise they will all be rejected.


2)  Special Remarks:

                       I.        If there are infringing goods, flammable and explosive, prohibited goods or unable to pass customs, the supplier must bear all legal liabilities and compensate the customer for losses.

                      II.        The collection point only provides collection services and is only responsible for the surface integrity of the packaging of the goods. The quality and quantity of the goods are ultimately subject to the customer's acceptance inspection.

                    III.        The delivery date must be adhered to. When the customer finds a wrong version or delay when receiving the goods, he has the right to reject or return the goods, and the supplier will compensate for all losses.

                    IV.        If the customer has any objection, the supplier agrees that the customer will transfer the right of compensation to the payer, and the payer can directly claim the supplier with this form. 

                      V.        Unless otherwise specified, the amount of fee is in RMB (yuan).

                    VI.        After receiving the order, please confirm that the order information is accurate within three days so it can be formally generated, so as to avoid errors and cause more disputes than necessary.


========== AsiaJY EPO Submission Regulations and Disclaimer (END) ===========

Remark: If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.