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GIMworld offers shipping services from China (air or sea freight) to you and your customer's doorstep in Malaysia.
Whether you are buying from factories, manufacturers, Alibaba suppliers, Taobao, Tmall,,,, Danddang or All goods needed to be sent to our China warehouse first before it can be sent out to Malaysia. Once your parcels arrived to our China warehouse, GIMworld will consolidate your goods and ship them from China to Malaysia.
We do provide additional services like Pay For Me (Alipay) service as payment solution while buying products with China sellers.
GIMworld is a Malaysian-based company. Our shipping fees is collected in MYR (Ringgit Malaysia) - no exchange rate involved.
GIMworld offers two Shipping Methods:
Air Shipping Feature

Air Shipping / Freight

Air Shipping method is the fastest route, mostly for smaller shipments where speed equals priority. For smaller items (1-30kg) or even larger shipment with size (120cm x 80cm x 80cm) where your priority is speed, we ship via air courier shipment such as Gdex, J&T Express, ABX, to you or your customers’ doorsteps. Normally it takes about 4-7 working days to West Malaysia and about 12 working days to East Malaysia.

Sea Shipping Feature

Sea Shipping / Freight

Sea Shipping method is meant for larger shipments such as shipping in pallets or containers on an LCL (Less Container Load Basis) or FCL (Full Container Load Basis). Larger sized items which is more than 30 kg we would recommend them to opt for sea freight method in order to enjoy cheaper shipping rate as compared to air freight.

When you ship with Sea Freight, we offer 2 types of methods:

Sea Shipping (Small Parcel)

Small Parcel method is recommended to ship small items with actual weight (1-30kg) or volumetric weight converted from (Length (cm) x Weight (cm) x Height (cm)) / 6000, we offer attractive package such as 2 for the price 1, combined for sensitive items and normal items for sea shipping small parcel method.
Normally it takes about 20-23 business days to West Malaysia and 30-45 business days to East Malaysia.

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Sea Shipping (Big Parcel)

Big Parcel method is recommended to ship big size items (furnitures) or parcels in bulk purchase. Sea Shipping big parcel is measured in term of cubic meters (cbm) if shipping on a LCL (Less Container Load Basis) and in terms of 20 foot or 40 foot containers if shipping on FCL (Full Container Load Basis). Normally it takes about 20-23 business days to West Malaysia and 30-45 business days to East Malaysia.

Big Parcel Spotlight

Ready to Ship?

Ship for Me
How GIMworld identify your packages once they arrive at our warehouse
As there are thousands of packages at our warehouse in China at any point in time, you may be wondering how we identify your packages as belonging to you when they arrive at our warehouse.
If you're using our Ship for Me service, we'll need you to provide us with the parcel tracking number of each shipment being sent to our warehouse. Every parcel shipment comes with a unique tracking number that is indicated in the shipment receipt that is attached to your package. A copy of this receipt would be given to the sender as well. Your tracking number acts as a unique identifier for your package and so we use it to identify your packages as belonging to your account when they arrive. You simply need to get your factory/manufacturer/supplier to give you the tracking number (运单号) and on the GIMworld website, click "arrange shipment" button, key in the tracking number and parcels information and submit to us. We'll update your parcel's arrival to China warehouse status at "product order" page. Once all your packages have arrived, we will consolidate them into a single international shipment for you and you may check shipping fees at "delivery order" page.
How to add EXTRA PROTECTION during Parcel Consolidation
Add-On Services
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Fragile Sticker

Adds extreme caution when it comes to parcel care & handling.

Wooden Frame

Adds a thick layer of protection for your parcels to avoid parcel damages.

Fiber Bag

Helps pack your parcels tightly without additional breakage.

*You are REQUIRED to use ADD-ON SERVICE protection for sensitive items: valuable, breakable and metal items.
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How Consolidating Parcels Benefit You

1. Save Up on International Shipping Costs

International shipping from China supplier is expensive because there is a base shipping charge for every shipment. International shipping costs tend to be structured such that the heavier or larger the shipment, the lower your per kg cost. Whether you are shipping by air or sea, you should always consolidate your goods from multiple suppliers and send them all as a single international China shipment. This is an important guide to your business especially if your profit margins are thin.

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2. Supplier's Privacy

When you purchase from multiple suppliers in China, even when you consolidate your goods, you may not want each suppliers to know other suppliers that you are working with. The best way for this to work is with a third-party international shipping agent and freight forwarder like GIMworld, where you can obtain GIMworld's warehouse address and get the supplier to have your goods / packages sent to GIMworld's warehouse storage for consolidation and international shipping.

Supplier Privacy Icon

3. Customer's Privacy

When you consolidate your parcels to ship to one or multiple customers around the world, you may not want to share supplier / customer details and contact information with them as such information constitutes business secrets to your company. You may obtain GIMworld's warehouse address and get each supplier to have your goods sent to GIMworld's warehouse and GIMworld can remove supplier receipts, invoices, branded packaging from tracing back before you ship with us internationally.

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How to Ship Your Products After Buying from China Sellers
2. Enjoy FREE warehouse storage & parcel consolidation before shipping to Malaysia.
3. We'll pack your goods efficiently and minimize chargeable weight.

Get up to 50% DISCOUNTED Shipping

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Enjoy FREE Warehousing Storage with GIMworld
FREE Unlimited 20-Days Warehouse Storage
GIMworld does not charge you for goods storage at our warehouse before 20 days. Thus, you can take time to buy from as many as Taobao, Tmall,,,, Danddang or stores, we'll store your goods upon arrival and ship to Malaysia.
FREE Parcel Consolidation
GIMworld offers FREE consolidation parcels into single shipment. This is perfect when buying from multiple 1688 suppliers (or other Chinese websites) but wish to have all your goods shipped together to lower your shipping cost. Sometimes, consolidation will be confused with repackaging but consolidation comes with or without repackaging. Consolidation refers to shipping multiple parcels concurrently into a single shipment - 'Combined Parcels'. However, there is a base minimum shipping charge for each shipment and consolidation helps you only pay base charge once instead of paying for every single package.
FREE Consultation Service
GIMworld offers FREE consultation service. Feel free to ask regarding your parcel details and any shipping inquiries.
FREE Handling for Customs Clearance
GIMworld helps you clear all customs checking so you don't have to clear customs yourself.

FREE Warehouse Storage Waiting For You.

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